3 Tips for Improving SEO with LinkedIn

Improving SEO with LinkedIn

SEO is an important thing regarding online business. Without SEO, online business can’t get very big fame in the eyes of Search engine gains like Google.

Here are the tips to increase your SEO Rankings with a LinkedIn profile.

1. Update Your Profile Often

Think outside the box with profile updates! Blogging regularly helps boost your search engine ranking, and updating social media channels often can help just as much. Publishing high-quality, shareable content is a great way to reach your fans and spread your message. Use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform to push your blog posts and stay at the top of your consumers’ minds. Keep your posts relevant, use keywords if possible and share content of a positive nature for best results.

2. Try to Attract High-Quality Followers

While you may want large amounts of followers on social media, it isn’t always about numbers. It’s better to have 500 highly engaged, active followers who interact with you often, than a half million absent online avatars. Attracting a LinkedIn following that is high quality, relevant to your industry and willing to spread the news about you is essential and is a great way of improving SEO in the process.

3. Increase Your “Social Authority”

Want to know where your business’ LinkedIn profile stands? Social Authority refers to how much weight you carry in the online community. Search engines like Bing and Google give a significant ranking push to users who have lots of followers, likes, links, and interactions online. A great way to improve yours is to interact as often as possible on your social channels and make sure to respond quickly to fan engagement. If you want to measure your social authority, sites like Klout can help you conglomerate your profiles and rank how much impact you have online.

LinkedIn’s total user goal is 3 billion, and it’s clear the company is making excellent strides toward attracting that many active users. LinkedIn is sure to have a bright future, and marketers should jump on the platform to take advantage of the diverse, well-connected audience. Does your company have a business page on LinkedIn? What success have you seen from having one?

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