How To Bring Maximum Out Of LinkedIn for Your Business?

Bring Maximum Out Of LinkedIn for Your Business

“It’s better to be the best connected than the most connected.” –Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Founder

Is your company taking advantage of a LinkedIn business page, or are you mainly focusing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Although it still isn’t as trafficked as the other major platforms, LinkedIn has become a major business network and discussion hub for users of all generations. It’s certainly worthy of your valuable time and energy, as it can really help reinforce your business’ position as an industry leader.

Why LinkedIn? Platform Demographics and Statistics

On average, LinkedIn users tend to have a higher annual income than users on Facebook or Instagram, which is valuable information for creating a targeted social media marketing campaign. If you’re considering content marketing as part of your strategy, LinkedIn is the place to go. This network is at the forefront of content marketing due to its use of top influencers, infographics, videos and blog posts to share knowledge and start conversations about almost every industry. Here are some fascinating statistics about the platform.

  • LinkedIn has 500 million active users, up from 271 million in 2014, making it a great place to reach a huge audience.
  • 50 percent of vendors reported guaranteed sales from meeting customers via the site.
  • LinkedIn is popular among Millennials, college graduates and those in professional industries.
  • Active users spend an average of 17 minutes per month on the site.
  • Of social media users over age 50, LinkedIn has the largest share. 100 million users are in this age range, so if your audience is an older demographic, LinkedIn is the place to reach them.
  • More than 60 percent of LinkedIn users reported an average income of $75,000+.
  • 13 percent of people are active on the site every day.
  • Marketers reported finding 43 percent of customers via LinkedIn.
  • There are two new LinkedIn users signing up on the platform per second.
  • A large majority of users report using LinkedIn as a supplement to other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

When you’re ready to hop on LinkedIn and start a page for your business, keep the following advice in mind.

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