4 Must-Haves for Creating Your LinkedIn Business Page


Having a complete and useful business page can raise your company’s visibility and help customers and clients reach you for questions, solicit assistance, or even purchase your product or service. To set up a business page on LinkedIn, there are several things you can do to make your page really pop. Here are four things you should include:


Pay Attention to Consistent Branding:

Keeping your brand consistent is important for all messaging, not just on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. To do this, make sure your cover images and profile pictures are the same across all networks, and keep your keywords and hashtags the same.


It’s essential for SEO to portray a uniform presence, rather than present many different personalities. Another important item to note is on LinkedIn, there are two options for logos: the one at the top of the business page and a picture used in the News Feed. These images should be the same.

Aim for Simplicity:

While you should state relevant, helpful and interesting information about your business on your LinkedIn page, be sure that it’s simple enough for anyone to understand. If your page is too complicated or you provide too much information, users viewing your page won’t click to your website or stay very long. Try to avoid bogging them down with paragraphs of history about the company or industry jargon.

Make it Searchable:

Your page should be easy to find in the vast amount of social noise on LinkedIn; to do this, include relevant keywords your customers can search for to find you and fully fill out the information on your profile.

Cultivate A Loyal Following:

Once you’ve built your LinkedIn company page, it’s important to attract some loyal followers. Start by letting all of your employees know about the page and asking them to follow it and spread the word.


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